A highly flexible bed acommodating multiple user groups, Sentida provides the perfect combination of essential functionality and aesthetics. This nursing bed features a high level of manoeuvrability, a divided side guard system and many colour and headboard options.

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Functions & benefits
Technical specification

3 stop lifting height strategy

  • The lifting system not only features a height adjustability range of 250mm to 800mm, its intelligent control system also automatically stops at the mid height of 400mm to provide ergonomic bed egress at chair height.

Divided side guard

  • The flexibility of the divided side guard system provides enhanced security for residents with dementia. The system can be quickly and easily adjusted to improve fall management whilst allowing easy access to and from the bed.

BiNetic mattress platform

  • Designed to help in reducing the risk of bedsores, the BiNetic surface reduces pressure on the sacral region by enlarging the central part of the mattress platform when profiled.

Automatic comfort seating position

  • With a single button, the automatic comfort seating moves the bed to the pre-set sitting position: excellent for reading, eating or social engagement. This position can also aid with better respiration and digestion for patients confined to bed.

Automatic pressure care position

  • This function adjusts the mattress platform to a pre-set tilt-in-space position, providing optimum pressure distribution to reduce risk of pressure sores.

Full nursing height

  • The Sentida 1 raises to 800mm, which enables carers to complete the care tasks at an appropriate height.

No trailing wires

  • Wires are securely fixed to the underneath of the bed to reduce the risk of damage and allow for safe use of a mobile hoist.

Backrest elevation

  • The backrest elevation function can assist with transfers and offer a range of movement for the user. The raised position enables easier eye contact resulting in better social interaction. In some cases, it may reduce fluid build-up in lungs, facilitate improved respiratory function and assist with swallowing.


  • The kneebreak function enables users to retain their position more easily as it can reduce the risk of the user slipping down in the bed. The function may also help to reduce fluid and pressure in legs and ankles.

External Dimensions

 1060mm W × 2113mm L

Mattress platform dimensions

 900mm W × 2000mm L

Wheel system – Sentida 1

4 castors when in lowest position
2 wheels when raised

Wheel system – Sentida 3

head end with 2 fixed castors
foot end with 4 double castors

Wheel system – Sentida 4

head end with 4 double castors
foot end with 4 double castors

Adjustable height range 250mm to 785mm
Safe working load 210kg
Maximum patient weight 200kg