The wellness bed with an optional ‘feet’ upgrade is the subtle union between the flair of interior design, and the functionality of a bedroom. The simple finish with rounded, low head and footboard seamlessly blends to any interior; making this fully functional profiling bed the one that lets the design of the room do the talking. 

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  • Wellness nursing bed
  • Wellness nursing bed
  • Wellness nursing bed
Functions & benefits
Technical specification

Full nursing height

  • The Altida raises to 760mm enabling carers to complete care tasks at an appropriate height.

Compatible with specialist mattress systems

  • The Altida mattress platform is a standard size of 900mm W x 2000mm L, making it compatible with most mattress systems.

No trailing wires

  • Wires are securely fixed to the bed frame to reduce the risk of damage and allow for the safe use of a mobile hoist.

Plug and play motors

  • This means that parts can easily be replaced by maintenance personnel. 

Backrest elevation

  • The backrest elevation function can assist with transfers and offer a range of movement for the user. The raised position enables easier eye contact resulting in better social interaction. In some cases, it may reduce fluid build-up in lungs, facilitate improved respiratory function and assist with swallowing.


  • The kneebreak function enables users to retain their position more easily as it can reduce the risk of the user slipping down in the bed. The function may also help to reduce fluid and pressure in legs and ankles.

External Dimensions

  • Standard
  • Wide


1060mm W × 2113mm L
1195mm W x 2113mm L

Mattress platform dimensions

  • Standard
  • Wide


900mm W × 2000mm L
1050mm W x 2000mm L

Castor wheels 4 x 75mm with brake
Adjustable height range 250mm to 785mm
Back rest positioning 75°
Leg rest positioning 35°
Safe working load 180kg
Maximum patient weight 145kg